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The Astronaut Support Patch is rich with Symbolism. It was the only NASA designed patch in use by any law enforcement agency up until its retirement in November of 2012. The center piece is the GREAT STAR, one of 8 stars, which is symbolic both of the Lone Star State of Texas and Precinct 8. The 7 small stars on the field of blue represent the other 7 Constable's Precincts in Harris County and is also to recall and remember the Challenger 7 Astronauts. The red vector which embraces the star is from the original NASA logo. Eternally orbiting the vector and the star is the Space Shuttle Transport as a reminder that we were all part of that vital Program. The red, white and blue colors on the patch are the same shades as are used in our nation's flag and the gold represents the gold badges that we so proudly wear.

Click here to read an article published in the 2008 edition of American Police Beat.

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