2022 News and Events


09/21/22 - Multiple Subjects Arrested for Burglary of Business 


2021 News and Events

10/13/21 - Traffic Stop leads to Multiple Arrests

10/07/21 - Couple Arrested for Multiple Charges Following Pursuit

09/20/21 - Couple Arrested for Prohibited Weapon and Multiple Felony Narcotics Charges

09/09/21 - Man Arrested for 4th DWI with a Child Passenger and Additional Felony Charges

08/04/21 - Man Arrested for DWI and FSRA after Striking Deputy during Traffic Stop

07/28/21 - Incident at La Porte LyondellBasell Plant Results in Fatalities

07/02/21 - Independence Day DWI Joint Initiative

06/29/21 - Houston Man Arrested for Arson after Setting Fire to a Cross in Victim's Yard

06/17/21 - Couple Arrested for Fraudulent Use/Possession of Identifying Information

06/08/21 - Man on Probation for Narcotics Offense Found in Possession of Cocaine

05/13/21 - DWI Charges Filed on a Wrong Way Driver

05/12/21 - Traffic Stop Leads to Felony Arrest for PCS and DWI

05/11/21 - Habitual Theft Offender Arrested Twice in a Week

05/11/21 - Immigration Hold Placed on Sexual Offender

05/10/21 - Multiple Subjects Arrested for Possession w/Intent to Deliver and Unlawful Carry of Weapon

05/10/21 - Male Wanted on Two Felony Warrants Apprehended

05/04/21 - Wanted Felon Leads Precict 8 Deputies on 100 Mile Chase

05/04/21 - Theft Suspect Arrested  

04/30/21 - Pursuit Ends with the Arrest of 22 Year Old Male

04/28/21 - Man Arrested for Aggravated Assault of a Deadly Weapon Following a Shooting

04/28/21 - Investigation Underway Following Fatality Traffic Accident

04/21/21 - Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest of Three Subjects in Possession of Weapons

04/21/21 - Man Arrested for DWI and Multiple Possession Charges

04/21/21 - Man Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minors

04/16/21 - Man is Charged with 7th DWI After Being Involved in a One Vehicle Crash

04/14/21 - Man Faces Multiple Charges following DWI Arrest

04/13/21 - Felon in Possession of a Weapon Charged with Agg. Assault on a PO and Evading 

04/12/21 - Man Arrested for 4th DWI

04/09/21 - Clear Lake Man Arrested after Ongoing Harrasment of Residents 

04/08/21 - Wrong Way Driver Found Sleeping and Arrested for PCS

04/06/21 - Man Charged with Evading and Possession of Marijuana

03/30/21 - Man Arrested for Possession of Stolen Vehicle and Possession with Intent to Deliver

03/26/21 - Wanted Subject Evades on Foot and Collides with a Passing Vehicle 

03/23/21 - Man Arrested for DWI with a Child Passenger and Multiple Possession Charges

03/08/21 - Wanted Felon Arrested after Stopped for Traffic Violation

03/03/21 - Man Arrested After Continually Breaking in to Clear Lake Home

02/23/21 - DWI Charges Filed on Drivers in two Seperate Accidents with Seabrokk PD Units

02/22/21 - Man Caught Using Rolling Trash Can to Hide Stolen Items

01/28/21 - Woman Charged with DWI and Evading Following Pursuit

01/20/21 - Suspicious Activity Call for Service Leads to the Arrest of Four Individuals

01/11/21 - Man Faces Multiple Charges Following Traffic Crash

01/08/21 - Barricaded Subject Leads to School Lockdown in Deer Park

01/06/21 - Habitual Theft Suspect Arrested

01/06/21 - Man Arrested for Injury to a Child and Assault Family Violence

2020 News and Events

12/30/20 - Several Arrested and Charged Following Vehicle Pursuit

12/21/20 - Man Arrested after Assaulting Precinct 8 Deputy

11/02/20 - Man Arrested after Leading Deputies in Vehicle Chase

10/21/20 - Stolen Gun Recovered and Man Arrested for Resisting Arrest and PCS

09/29/20 - Male Charged with Burglary with Intent to Commit Assault

09/15/20 - Habitual Theft Suspect Arrested

09/14/20 - Man Charged with Burglary after Following Victim Home

09/12/20 - Wanted Subject Charged with Felony Evading

09/01/20 - Patrols Lead to Arrest of Wanted Subject

08/31/20 - Precinct 8 K9 to Receive Body Armor

08/31/20 - Man Arrest for Evading and Impersonating a Public Servant

08/26/20 - Investigation Underway Following Fatality Traffic Accident

08/21/20 - Duo Arrested after Leading Deputies in Vehicle Chase

08/18/20 - Pair Arrested in Connection with Burglary of an Area Business

07/21/20 - Multiple Felony Charges Filed on Subjects Connected to Robbery Case

07/15/20 - Pair Arrested after being Found in Possession of Stolen Vehicle

07/14/20 - Multiple Arrests Following Freeway Shooting Incident


05/22/20 - Wanted Felon Apprehended by Precinct 8 K9

05/08/20 - Road Rage Shooting Leads to Arrest

04/24/20 - Man Arrested after Assaulting Victim with Machete

04/23/20 - Precinct 8 to Distribute Free Face Masks

04/15/20 - Trio Arrested for Multiple Outstanding Warrants

04/15/20 - Charges Filed on Multiple Suspects Following Chase

03/02/20 - Precinct 8 Negotiators Rescue Suicidal Subject

01/28/20 - Suspect Facing Multiple Charges after Fleeing from Deputies