Clerical Staff

The clerical staff at Precinct 8 is an essential part of our agency and they perform a wide range of duties on a daily basis. In addition to answering incoming phone calls and interacting with the public, the clerks file warrants and reports, enter citations, release citations to the court, fax offense reports to the DA’s Office, manage incoming and outgoing civil process, as well as many other duties. Clerks are responsible for checking traffic accident reports for accuracy and mailing them to the Texas Department of Transportation upon completion as well as processing DWI paperwork before it is sent to DPS. When requested, clerks make copies of reports and collect the required fees from recipients. Our clerical staff often collects money orders for warrants and clears them out of the computer system as required and they review new warrants when they are issued by the courts. They are responsible for researching warrants and entering new warrants into the computer system as well. Once warrants are filed, clerks mail courtesy post cards to notify violators that a warrant has been issued for their arrest.

The complete list of responsibilities placed in the hands of the Precinct 8 clerical staff is far too lengthy to list. They are second to none and this behind the scenes team always goes the extra mile to get the job done...and done right.