Training Division

The Harris County Precinct 8 Constable's Office is certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement as a Licensed Training Provider.  Our instructors are dedicated to providing quality training and continuing education hours to sworn personnel of any Texas law enforcement agency and in some cases, civilians as well.   Our curriculum is constantly changing to meet the requirements of state mandated training guidelines.   In addition, we focus on providing courses specifically designed to address officer safety as well as classes designed to teach beneficial skills and techniques.  All Precinct 8 training is free to any law enforcement officer (except in cases where students may be required to supply or purchase certain training materials).

The Precinct 8 Training room is located at 16602 Diana Ln. on the first floor. For more information, contact our Training Coordinator:

Asst. Chief Jeff Lamar
(713) 274-3375


Available Training Courses

Upcoming classes:

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Training Rules

1. Class Attendance:  No absences will be permitted unless excused by the Training Coordinator, or his designee. Tardiness will not be condoned and will be subject to make-up. Classes are subject to change without notice due to factors beyond our control. Students shall notify the Training Coordinator or Class Instructor if they cannot attend a class prior to class date. Repeated absences or failure to inform the Training Coordinator or Class Instructor of an absence may result in a suspension of the student's privilege to attend classes. Students must attend a minimum of 90% of the class to receive TCOLE Credit.

2. Dress:  Departmental uniform or appropriate civilian attire only will be worn. No T-shirts with suggestive graphics or wording, sleeveless shirts, shorts, or overalls will be permitted. In order to easily identify them, only the Training Staff may wear the color red while on the Firing Range.

3. Academics:  All exams become the property of this department. All written exams require a minimum score of 70% to be considered passing. Performance exams are graded on a Pass/Fail basis.

4. Electronic Equipment:  Cellular telephones or pagers will be turned off, or set on vibrate alert mode during classroom instruction. Cell phone/pager responses will be made during breaks only. If a cell/pager response is necessary, the student will exit the training room to make the response. The use of photographic or recording equipment is subject to approval by the Training Coordinator.

5. Smoking:  Smoking is prohibited in all Harris County buildings. Students will use the designated smoking areas only.  NO SMOKING within 100 feet of any building entrance.

6. Demeanor:  Students will demonstrate respect toward other students and the training staff at all times. Inappropriate behavior or remarks will not be permitted.

7. Parking:  Students should park in the parking area to the south of the main entrance.  Please do not park nearest the door as that space is needed for citizens and other visitors.

Violation of these rules may be cause for dismissal from the class. The Training Coordinator may dismiss a student from the class based upon the recommendation of the Class Instructor, or in the absence of the Training Coordinator, the Class Instructor may dismiss a student from class.