Precinct 8 Bailiffs

There are two Justice of the Peace courts in Precinct 8 which handle both civil and criminal cases. The Constable's Offices in Harris County are responsible for courthouse security and Precinct 8 has Deputies assigned to the JP Courts to accomplish this task. Precinct 8 Deputies, as part of our Support Services Divison, are assigned to the two courts in our precinct (Judge Holly Willliamson's court - Precinct 8 Position 1 and Judge Louie Ditta's court - Precinct 8 Position 2). In addition to various other duties, the Deputies are responsible for maintaining order and security within the courtrooms as well as acting upon orders issued from the presiding judge. The bailiffs are also responsible for taking persons into custody when directed to do so by the judges and for booking them into the Harris County Jail or the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center as necessary.  When not in court, these Deputies carry out other duties within the Support Services Division as needed.