Toll Road Patrol Division

The Precinct 8 Toll Road Patrol Division is made up of 16 Deputies, 4 Sergeants and 1 Lieutenant.  Deputies patrol 36 miles of roadway between the I-10 East Freeway and the Gulf freeway.  Among their duties, Deputies provide security for toll road personnel and plazas and are first responders for all incidents that occur on the toll road.  Such incidents include traffic accidents, thefts, disturbances, roadway debris calls and stranded motorists.  Deputies are also constantly on the watch for intoxicated drivers who choose to travel the toll road.

Two of the Toll Road Patrol Division Deputies are assigned to the Harris County Toll Road Authority's DWI Task Force.   Deputies on this task force patrol the entire toll road system throughout Harris County seeking out and arresting intoxicated drivers.

Deputies assigned to the toll road patrol the area with emphasis on high visibility and are quick to respond to those who choose to drive fast and recklessly.  They are armed with Doppler radar and laser radar units (LIDAR) to enforce the speed limit.  Through aggressive enforcement of the speed limit and targeting reckless and/or impaired drivers, it is our goal to reduce accidents and prevent injuries.

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