​Support Services Division

The Support Services Division at Precinct 8, under the supervision of Sergeant Anthony Ferraro, encompasses many “behind-the-scenes” activities and responsibilities. A large part of this includes evidence handling, processing and storage. Precinct 8 handles thousands of criminal cases on an annual basis, many of which involve physical evidence of some kind. In almost every case, video evidence is also needed. Staff assigned to this Division are charged with ensuring all evidence is properly handled and maintained to ensure the integrity of these cases.

Another important aspect of any modern law enforcement agency involves technology. The Support Services Division is responsible for making sure Deputies and staff have the tools they need to do the job. This includes maintenance of desktop and in-car computers, camera equipment, radars/LIDAR, mobile fingerprint scanners, printers, servers, the Department website, the Department intranet site, the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system and the list goes on. Staff assigned to maintain these vital systems work diligently to keep things flowing smoothly and are quick to respond to issues in need of troubleshooting.

Our Community Liaison Deputy, Claudia Lopez, is also assigned to the Support Services Division.  Deputy Lopez is the point of contact between the department and the community.  Among her many duties, she is responsible for organizing community outreach events such as National Night Out and our Medication Take Back initiatives as well as special projects like our annual Christmas sponsorship of families in need.