Precinct 8 DWI Task Force

Precinct 8 is dedicated to DWI enforcement and strives to make a real difference in our community by reducing alcohol related traffic accidents.  Our mission is to keep the streets of our precinct safer for the public by seeking out and arresting those individuals who choose to drink and drive.  Since 2008, Precinct 8 Deputies have made over 2,400 DWI arrests on area roadways. 

In 2014, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) selected Precinct 8 to receive their “Outstanding Law Enforcement Agency” award.  This honor is given to agencies who go above and beyond in the area of education, prevention, policy or enforcement and whose efforts are making an impact in reducing alcohol-related death and injury on Texas’ roads.  In addition to our enforcement efforts, we work closely with area organizations such as the Bay Area Alliance for Youth and Families and the Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol in an effort to educate our young people on the dangers of drinking and driving as well as using drugs.

In 2014, the Harris County Toll Road Authority established a DWI Task Force in an effort to combat drunk driving.  This team is made up of personnel from the various Constable precincts that patrol the toll way system in Harris County.  Precinct 8 has two Deputies assigned to this task force as well as a Sergeant who oversees the program.  The task force patrols the entire HCTRA system in search of intoxicated drivers and the unit is responsible for hundreds of arrests since its inception, likely saving countless lives in the process.