Criminal Warrant Division

The Precinct 8 Warrant Division is responsible for clearing all warrants generated through the two Justice of the Peace Courts within our precinct.  Most of these warrants are filed as a result of a bad check or an unpaid traffic citation.  Precinct 8 affords each defendant with a courtesy notice that a warrant has been issued for their arrest.  If a defendant fails to respond, the warrant division goes into action. Through a variety of different techniques these defendants are located and arrested.

The Warrant Division also handles capias warrants.  Capias warrants are not limited to criminal cases.  In various jurisdictions, defendants involved in traffic cases who fail to appear in court may be subject to a capias warrant if they fail to pay a fine imposed by a judge.  Other jurisdictions issue capias warrants in relation to cases that originated in a civil or family division. For example, a person whose child support order falls into arrears might be compelled to appear before a magistrate by means of a capias warrant.

There are currently 5 Deputies assigned to the Precinct 8 Warrant Division under the supervision of Lieutenant Chris Yetter.  This division operates out of our Clear Lake office located at 16602 Diana Ln. 

For questions, contact us at (281) 488-4040.