Constable Jake Bussey 1950-1982

Constable Jake Bussey.jpg

First elected in 1950, Jake Bussey served as the Constable of Precinct 8 for over 30 years.  For the first five years he was in office, Constable Bussey served as the only member of the department.  In 1955, he was given three Deputies and a secretary to carry out the duties of the office as the precinct began to grow.  Constable Bussey was well respected and beloved by the community and was re-elected every four years unopposed through 1980.  In spring of that year, Constable Bussey announced his retirement and Charlie Isbell was elected to the position.  Tragically, Constable Isbell was killed shortly after taking office in January 1982 and Harris County Commissioners Court appointed Jake Bussey back to the position he had held for so long.  An election was held in November 1982 to fill the vacancy.

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